Thursday, May 24, 2007

PRMSC meeting with Anna Ericsson

Last night was the monthly meeting of the Paul Revere Miniature Schnauzer Club. Elizabeth Kenney, who is the breeder I got Ike from, is the current president. I have been going to these meetings off-and-on for the past 4 years. Since I have decided my next dog is also going to be a Schnauzer I have been trying to be more involved and have made it to nearly every meeting this year. I will even be volunteering at the PRMSC Specialty show on June 1st.

I was really excited to hear Anna Ericsson speak since we have been e-mailing a bit; both Elizabeth and Katrin Andberg referred me to her as an excellent source for a performance dog/schnauzer breeder referral. Her dog Harry (CH MACH Sterling' Out Of Control NGC, NAC, OJC) was just named the AKC Top Terrier for 2007 in agility. He also just received his MACH title and is a champion in the breed ring. Anna is planning on breeding him to a Sterling' dog at the end of this year and possibly to her new puppy BB (a Bravo dog) in a year. The Harry-BB match would be a dream for me in terms of timing and the quality of the parents.

It was great to hear her talk about her first dog Selma who just doesn't have the drive Harry does. I suspect (hope!) that this will be much the way I think/talk about Ike and agility if I find the right puppy. Ike enjoys agility, but he would just as soon be snuggling at home! I do think he is going to enjoy obedience though! Really!

Ike has yet to be registered with the AKC. The litter papers were destroyed during a flood at Elizabeth's house. She has requested duplicate papers and they should be arriving by June. I am excited to register Ike with his formal name, Silvermist Icebreaker.

The annual PRMSC cookout is scheduled for June 10th and then the Club will take the summer off. I will be looking forward to the fall - I enjoy getting together with other schnauzer lovers!

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