Monday, June 4, 2007

PRMSC Specialty Show

June 1st was the Paul Revere Miniature Schnauzer Specialty Show held at Masterpeace in Franklin, MA. John Constantine, the current president of the American Miniature Schnauzer Club and Tom LaSalle of Sterling Miniature Schnauzers were the judges.

At the last club meeting, the show secretary asked if I would play hostess to the judges. Turns out they didn't need a hostess really, so I just did whatever was needed.

I'll freely admit that the two highlights of the day for me were having the opportunity to meet BB (Anna Ericsson's new puppy) and the two litters of puppies that were hanging out waiting to be looked at by Santos Diaz. Santos is Tom LaSalle's partner and was the show steward. Since both Tom and Santos were working at the show, this meant that Anna had to handle BB in her classes (Tom and Santos usually handle her!).

Elizabeth Kenney had a litter of six puppies and Margie Rosenthal has a litter of 4 puppies at the show. The puppies were only 8 weeks old and so, so cute; all were salt and pepper. I can't wait until we are ready for our puppy. I do recognize that Ike and I have a lot of work to do yet!

Elizabeth and Margie had Tom LaSalle and Santos Diaz look at both their litters to help them figure out which pups they should keep. It's amazing that they can look at an 8 week old dog and guesstimate what their conformation will look like as an adult. Apparently 8 weeks is before the growth spurts and everything becomes a mess!

It was an interesting experience, and I am looking forward to the PRMSC Annual BBQ and next year!

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