Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tuesday Night Agility

So, Ike and I had our first agility class Tuesday night in 3 weeks. Yippee! (I take agilty classes with Katrin Andberg, Maplewood Animal Care & Training. We began classes with Katrin in October and Ike is a changed dog - the confidence boost in him is amazing.) We had a great time. Katrin worked front crosses into every run and Ike and I were able to successfully complete most of them.

One run I was so intent on psyching Ike up I went completely the wrong direction around the tunnel. Drrr.

Ike does not like to run unless I am running. I have got to keep working on getting him psyched about agility. Even when he is playing at home, he makes a gracefully, long leap....he's not quick and stealthy. I am very tempted to start Carmen in agility. I think she would rock at it. I do think that Ike enjoys it, I just don't think he has a ton of drive....

I am entering a CPE (Canine Performance Events) trial in August - we will see how he does. I hope he enjoys it. The event is in New Hampshire at All Dog's Gym and they have events throughout the winter. I will be very curious as to the size of the field/arena. He seems to like the flow of NADAC a lot but if we do NADAC trials eventually the distance issue is going to rear its ugly head. Of course, if we keep working on it we will hopefully eventually get it!!

The "distance issue" I am referring to is the "philosophy" difference between NADAC and other organizations (AKC, USDAA). NADAC courses are designed for the handler to work at a certain distance from their dogs. The distance is actually a requirement, even in the novice courses. Right now I have a velcro dog (my own fault, I know) who only seems to really move when I do. I have to confirm that there is no distance requirement in the other organizations - I am nearly certain.

The other exciting thing is that when I read Clean Run now I understand most of it, not just bits and pieces. Before when I would read it I felt like I was trying to teach myself a foreign language. One of the recent issues has a piece of speeding up slow dogs. The woman who wrote the article actually gives seminars on this. Holy cow - where do I sign up! Seriously though, I will need to check out where she is located and whether or not she ever hits New England.

Ike, John, and I are headed to Acadia National Park this weekend, so there will be no posts until the 18th or 19th. I am going to see how I can incorporate my obedience homework into my vacation!!

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