Friday, July 27, 2007

Rehab, Maplewood Trial, European Open

Wednesday night Ike and I made our weekly visit to the rehab in Canton. Unfortunately one of our favorite/special patients died that morning. Dr. Barce was a vet in Randolph for many years. Every week we would spend time with him and his wife Erma. This is my first loss as a volunteer. The ironic thing is that Dr. Barce seemed to be doing much better when we saw him last week.

We did meet a resident we had not met before who LOVES dogs - she gave Ike a big hug and kiss. He is such a good boy - very stoic.

I sent off the Premium for Katrin's trial. I signed up for both days - the Regular classes, Jumpers, and Tunneler class. I held off on Chances - I am afraid of it at the moment! I did decide to jump at the Specialist level (12") which is 4" shorter than the required height for Ike's size. Michelle also mentioned at the Act-Up meeting that they give you 5 seconds more. Hmmmm. We could certainly use that!

I am also going to take part in a Pairs Relay to raise money for Maplewood Assistance Partners, Inc.. I asked my class mate Sandy if she'd like to do it with us. You can dress up and have team names if you so desire. She has an Aussie, Sadie, who is very fast so we are going to be called The Tortoise and The Hare. Obviously Ike is the tortoise!

Anna and Harry left for the European Open yesterday. Send them lots of good luck; They have a nearly all Schnauzer team (one Sheltie, I believe)! Webb and Leslie Anderson are both competing with their dogs (Nigel and Zoom). Unfortunately Anna and Harry were not able to compete in the FCI World Agility Championships in Norway. Since 1997 Norway has not allowed the showing of docked tailed dogs; As a result no dogs with docked tails may can compete at this year’s Agility World Championships. Hence, Anna and Harry's attendance at the European Open.

This is an interesting issue - a lot of European countries do not allow dogs with docked tails to compete in events. However, the AMSC requires Schnauzer tails to be docked for the breed standard. And I have to admit a personal preference for cropped ears on Schnauzers that is hard to reconcile with the animal rights aspect of my beliefs.

I almost forgot to mention that I finally got Ike's registration papers - he is finally, officially Silvermist Icebreaker!


Cat and Tessie said...

There were a TON of complaints about the event being in Norway. A top US competitor is a Toy (maybe Miniature?) Poodle with a docked tail. I think it's ridiculous, personally.

I'm still not sure if I'm doing Katrin's trial or not. There's a USDAA trial in southern NH the same weekend. I'm still weighing my options.

Jules and Ike said...

Of course I really want you to do Katrin's trial, selfish brat that I am! I figured you might have something else going on trial-wise. The good news is you can register you dog online (only $10) and print your reg number immedietely, even if you don't get your card for a while.

Cat and Tessie said...

I'm thinking of doing Katrin's trial only because it will save me SOME money. Even with the $10 registration fee, I will still save $25 in gas and another $30 in reduced entry fees, most likely.

Tessie has also never run great at the particular spot in NH, which is a shame because Dan and I really like it. She only has 3 JH Qs there -- no Qs in anything else.

So I'm still bitching and moaning about it. Right now I am leaning towards Katrin's trial because I can save a bit of money and it's good for me to try a different venue.

Oh, by the way, I don't know if you're interested in also trying AKC but I am planning on entering the Boston show all four days (Thurs-Sun) because I can get Thurs/Fri off as excused absences from school. (On Friday, a quarter of my school goes anyway for a field trip there!) I was wondering if you had any desire to do it? After CPE and NADAC with all of their games, AKC will seem like a total breeze. We could lose our AKC virginity together, LOL!

Jules and Ike said...

I am interested - and the thought of no game related confusion is appealing! If things go well in August and September I would def. consider it.