Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Act-Up Agility Club/ASCA All-Breed Trial, Seekonk, MA

Sunday Ike and I attended the Act-Up Agility Club/ASCA All-Breed Trial in Seekonk, MA at Canine Mastery.

It went really well, although it was a TERRIBLY long day. Apparently the judge is known for being very SLOW. We were entered in a Regular class and two jumpers. Ike ran really well in his regular class - in that he took the teeter and dog walk even though he found them scary. We ran cleanly but our course time was 91 seconds!! I think the max time allowed was something like 49 seconds!!

We scratched our final jumpers class because we finished running the first jumpers class at 5:30!! Can you believe that? Ike and I were just too tired.

And my poor, good friends Michele and Marlene came to check out the trial and be supportive and arrived after Ike's regular class; and his jumpers class didn't get under way until something ridiculous like 4:30! Bummer. Thank you ladies for coming. We appreciated it very much!

Some really positive points about the trial .... Ike's performance in Regular - He trusted me even though he really wasn't sure about the teeter and dog walk. In jumpers - he was TIRED after a long and stimulating day but tried hard for me and only knocked one bar. Considering we were jumping 16" which he is not terribly fond of, I am pleased! And his crating behavior was stupendous. I brought a sheet and covered his crate part-way. I left him crated for a little less than an hour at a time and he actually slept! This is a huge, huge deal for a dog that was never previously crated in a super stimulating environment.

So, although we didn't Q, I am pleased with our "performance." I also decided that I am going to really focus on CPE and maybe NADAC (really haven't decided about that yet), because they are much more Ike's speed and personality. I mentioned this on the Performance Schnauzer list and the recommended continuing to try and compete in ASCA as well since the course flow is so similar to NADAC.

Something I do wonder is when or if Ike will become better at regulating his energy expenditures. Does that make sense? He gets SO pooped at the trials. Does everyone's dog go through this?

I noticed on Sunday that Ike requested his crate more frequently and actually slept in it versus at the Adams trial where he always seemed to be standing around trying to figure out what to do with himself. I hope that this means he is getting better at self-regulating because this will be good for my trialing dreams.

I asked the performance Schnauzer list what they thought I could do to help Ike's stamina and everyone suggested 2 - 3 mile walks/hikes. One woman recommended Carnivore Cookies - I will have to find more time to walk with Ike. I am not sure when this will be though!!


Cat and Tessie said...

Real quick -- I got you your orange Fluggles leash today! I was not expecting the vendor to be there and I looked around and sure enough, I found a solid orange leash. It's great! (No new pink/black ones for me, oh well.)

You can pay me ($12) for it at the trial this weekend. :D

Jules and Ike said...

YES!!!! Very, very cool! Thank you!!! Enough exclamation points for you? Or if Tuesday works for you I can give you $$ then.