Thursday, August 2, 2007

EO results

The European Open results are posted and Leslie Anderson has shared some pics from her trip; Anna and Harry were members of her team. Anna and Harry placed 52nd out of 277 in the Jumpers class. Their team, which consisted of three Schnauzers and a Sheltie were ranked 25th in the team rankings.

Of the USA dogs, Zoom was ranked 5th overall, Nigel was ranked 8th overall, and Harry was ranked 12th overall. wow!! There were 35 dogs on the USA team.

Apparently the consistency of the rings was pretty terrible - a sand mixture. It was compacted every morning but by the end of the day it was like running on the beach. Imagine! And Italy was in the midst of a heat wave; Some little Schnauzer I know would have been MISERABLE!

Here are some photos of the Schnauzer team and a link with a load of EO pics.

Leslie & Zoom, Webb & Nigel, Anna & Harry

Schnauzer butts

The Whole Team

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