Thursday, August 2, 2007

Where in the world is Ike!

Ike has been on sabbatical the past week, just kidding. We aren't currently enrolled in an obedience class and Katrin is on vacation, so things have been quiet (TOO quiet!). We have been spending a lot of time working with our target plate, aka the "fun plate," and working on our board and distance.

Our "board" is a 6' long, 12" wide, 1" thick piece of wood cover with rug grip (the stuff you use beneath throw rugs so they don't skate around). I actually bought a second board and some hinges to make a mini A-frame/dog walk/whatever. One of our biggest challenges is distance and since I do not see myself being able to afford a real dog walk or seesaw any time in the near future I might as well see what I can concoct! The funny thing is that I got the new issue of Clean Run yesterday and it has directions to make this very thing. Of course, the suggestion is to use it with a puppy. Ah well, we are where we are!

We have been using this a lot inside, and Ike seems to be doing well. I need to move it outside and set up some tape at various distances and see how he does with distraction and more distance.

I am REALLY missing not having class and am worried (only a little bit) about what I'll do when Katrin goes on her long vacation. I will have to see when Esther's next session starts and see if I can get into it.

Yesterday I stopped by Coolen's Aquarium & Pet Supply to pick up pellets and shavings for the pigs, seed mix for the cockatiels, treats for Ike, and a special chew for him. Today is test day for the Shelter's CGC classes, and Ike is going to be the unknown dog for the dog-dog interaction (or lack of interaction) component. So I want him to have something super yummy for when he needs to be crated!

The good news is....

I was able to convince John that we want to be feeding Ike raw. Now I need to pick up The BARF Diet by Billinghurst and decide whether I am going to do a commercially prepared raw diet, and if yes will it be a complete commercial raw diet or will I supplement, or go raw-raw, i.e. not commercially prepared. Yesterday when I was in Coolen's I was talking to the fellow who owns the store and he gave me a "starter kit" of Primal Pet Food to try. They are out of San Francisco and offer both raw supplies and complete raw diet. I currently feed Ike Nature's Variety by Prairie, so I lean towards feeding Nature's Variety Raw if I am going to go with a commercial brand, but the Primal complete diet does have a lot of great stuff in it. I'll have to pick Katrin's brain when she returns from her vacation - she has been feeding her dogs raw for seven years or so. And a plug for Coolen's....I get almost all of my supplies there. Guy, the owner is willing to order anything I need in bulk; and that is important since I have 1 dog, 4 guinea pigs, and 4 birds!

An Update....

Ike was fabulous at the Shelter tonight. I am very proud of my boy. He was at the shelter for about 3 hours, crated on and off, and he was only minimally barky (and only after the 2nd hour). He was an excellent boy with the dog-dog meeting. Yay, Ike!!


Cat and Tessie said...

I don't know anything about Act-Up. Specifically the dates... I have a trial the first weekend in October.

I just finished "The Food Pets Die For" today... amazing book. I had heard bits and pieces of the information and facts in there, but I didn't know all of it! Let me tell you I am GLAD Tessie's off Iams, that's for sure...

During Katrin's break I'm going to be doing a lot of ring rentals at MasterPeace -- perhaps you and I could split one? That should be okay with Mike and Fran. We can do stuff out of Clean Run and such. I'm taking REALLY good notes on things I'm doing with Amanda, so we can play with that stuff as well. I'm going to be trialing most weekends from late August to early October, so if we can pick something mid-week, that'd be awesome. Ring rental is $15 an hour, so if we split it in half it's a pretty good deal! :D

Jules and Ike said...

I would DEFINATELY be interested in ring rentals. My only conflict is Thursday nights (I'm at the Shelter), and I'm not free Wednesday until after 6:30. LMK. That would be a great way to keep working.

Act-Up Trial is 10/20-10/21. Premium opens tomorrow.