Saturday, September 8, 2007

kiddie pools and a *small* Ode to Ike

Ike had Agility-for-Fun today at the shelter. Due to the ungodly heat, it was kind of a junk day. For me, my personal highlight came when I was able to lure Ike into the kiddie pool with another dog in it! And to top it off, it was another dog who is pushy and likes to steal his treats (sorry, Dunk)! But, that's Ike's own fault though for being a "don't rock the boat-boy."

Seriously though, for those of you who have a dog who isn't afraid of ANYTHING you can't comprehend the joy of these small successes. They may be small, but they feel HUGE! I have been threatening to buy a pool for home all summer. I really need to do this. I think with some privacy I can really get Ike to enjoy the pool. He has gotten to the point where he gets in it of his own volition - no treats involved, no one paying attention - purely 'cause it cools him off. Having a dog that melts in the summer, this is such a bonus.
There is a shy dog in the current beginner class and I have totally horned in and made it my personal cause to empower this dog and owner. I wish I realized 5 years ago that what often works best with "reserved" dogs is just plain old patience. Sigh. So damn obvious.
Okay, this is a little corny, but what the hay, without having Ike, a dog with some quirks, I would NEVER have found out how much I dig behavior and working with both dogs and people as they figure things out. Yay, Ike.

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Cat and Tessie said...

I TOTALLY feel you with the 'small successes' thing -- I remember when Tessie let one of the Goldens in the pool with her. Hooray!

BTW I got Tessie her kiddie pool at Wal-Mart for like, $7. Just check it for holes first -- I didn't and I had to drive ALL the way back to make the damn return. :(

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