Monday, September 3, 2007

Auditing the ARFF USDAA Trial, Westford, MA

Ike and I hung out with Cat (human) and Tessie (ESS) at the ARFF USDAA Trial yesterday In Westford, MA. We arrived around 9am and left around 2:30 pm, but it was a full day for both of us, even without running in any classes!

Ike views his crate as a safe haven and was even relaxed enough to sleep in it. Yet, a part of me worries that he views his crate as a place to escape. Hmmmm.... That's quite the dilemma. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

The trial was at the Middlesex 4-H Fairgrounds, and Cat was right, it's a great venue and vibe. It *felt* more competitive to me, but that might just be my expectation of how a USDAA trial would differ from a CPE trial. Not sure, I will have to check out some more and see what I think. There were certainly more competitors and dogs there than the previous trials I have been to.

All in all a good and exhausting experience.

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Cat and Tessie said...

It's definately more competitive. I'd say USDAA is the most competitive venue, followed very closely by AKC. USDAA and AKC people are the ones concerned about World Teams and World Championships -- CPE, NADAC, and the others don't have that, just their respective Nationals.

Glad you liked! Tessie ended up with a 7-point snooker run, she decided to go see what momma was up to.