Monday, September 24, 2007

MAP Trial

This weekend was the annual Maplewood Assistance Partners trial in Wrentham, MA. Well, woo-hoo. Ike got a 5 point Q (his 1st in NADAC). To me this is a big deal. NADAC requires fast dogs and if there is anything we know for sure it is that at this point our dear sir Ike is not that fast!

Saturday we were entered in 2 Regular classes, Jumpers, and Touch n Go. I held off on Chances both days. I am still intimidated by it.

Both Regular runs were really nice with Ike not hesitating at all about the distance requirements. AND considering John was at the trial at this point, hanging out, and volunteering it is awesome that Ike was able to maintain his focus and Q. The first Regular run Ike picked up some significant speed coming out of the tunnel and over a jump headed toward the poles. As a result he blew by the poles and I had to call him back, but he did them beautifully! Second run, the run we Q'd in, he was just so good. Yay! Jumpers I had brain-freeze and poor Mr. Ike stood there saying, "and where would you like me to go?" Needless to say we were way over time. Touch n Go was going really well until we hit the A-Frame and Ike decided to do some sight-seeing. He was excellent though - very responsive to me and much faster than usual.

He was also really good in his crate. Except for his classes and the class immediately before it I volunteered the entire day and he was pretty happy. I think the nap time he had between the Regular classes and Jumpers and Touch n Go REALLY helped him out - he was really fresh for both classes.

On Sunday we had 2 Regular runs, the Pairs Relay, another Jumpers class, and a Tunnelers class. We had a great 1st Regular run and during the 2nd Ike actually had an off course! There was a tunnel/dog walk discrimination for the 2nd to last obstacle and Ike just wanted to take the tunnel - again and again. He looked So happy about it. We were way overtime but again in both classes Ike was showing speed. I think someone switched out my Schnauzer!

It was really nice, my in-laws were able to see Ike run his two Regular classes and the Pairs Relay. Shortly after they left my friend Marlene arrived and stayed for Ike's Tunneler course. I am hoping she brings her gorgeous Golden-boy Kody to the Act-Up Trial. I think it would be a great and exhausting experience for him to hang out in such a stimulating environment.

The Pairs Relay was a blast - we did not raise the most funds, although I think we were up there. In total the Relay race raised $1,500. Thank you to everyone who reads my blog and donated. I will be sending you a note soon! The course was essentially a tunnelers course which I now know is not the best thing for a dog like Ike at this point in his career. i.e. not ideal for a slowpoke! Fortunately Sadie is a speedy gal and she saved us from total disgrace! Please see the Tortoise and the Hare below!

Ike isn't 100% about those ears!

Sandy B., Sadie, me, and Ike

Tunnelers was our next class and Ike took his time - he did break into a lope at points! I think he thought it was stupid to be going through the same tunnel multiple times - twice he stood there like, "huh?"

Final class for us was Jumpers and Ike was superb. I am surprised he didn't Q he was moving so well. Next time for sure. I was really running in this class, and Nancy (with Remy) pointed out that since I was running, so was Ike.

I think I don't trust Ike enough - actually if Katrin is reading this she will probably say, "No Kidding!" I am working on it.

This trial was a pleasure for me and it told me that I have to learn to trust Ike more. I think when I trust Ike more our over all performance will improve even more.


Katrin said...

You know me SO well! I read that and imediately thought "no kidding" only to then read my own thoughts 2 words later :-)

Katrin said...

oh yeah forgot to mention for ALL to see. Julie is one HARD worker!!! I think I literally saw her marching out to set a jump bar. It was Terrific!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jules and Ike said...

Too funny! I got lots of comments about the way I "walk" this weekend. Ah well, when there are things to do why waste time?!

Shelly said...

Good Job!! and I LOVE the pics.

Cat and Tessie said...

Hooray, Ike! :) I can't wait to see some more photos. Very cute. :D

Do you know what the yards per second requirement is for NADAC? I'll have to hunt through their site, although Katrin can probably answer that question, come to think of it. I wonder how it differs from AKC's or USDAA's.

Katrin said...

Ok, Cat here goes:

Novice Level Open Level Elite Level

8/12” 16” 20/20+ 8/12” 16” 20/20+ 8/12” 16” 20/20+
dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs
Regular Agility Class - YPS 2.25 2.5 2.75 2.75 3 3.25 3.25 3.5 3.75
Jumpers-Tunnelers, Touch N Go, Weavers SCT 3.5 3.75 4 4 4.25 4.5 4.5 4.75 5

Don't know if this table format will work, e-mail me if you want an excel spreadsheet of it all.