Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ike Luvs Baxter Black

Ike’s evolution continues!

Yesterday I brought Ike to Katrin’s adult dog playgroup. Ike was a really good boy with all of the dogs, Niche (FCR), Monty (CWC), Heidi (BMD), and Baxter (LR), at the playgroup.

The dogs seemed to have a good time and if Baxter is a regular I can’t wait for Ike to have an opportunity to attend playgroup again. Ike was doing the Schnauzer grapple to Baxter, play bowing, everything. I was laughing SO hard.

This marks the second time in three days that Ike has instigated play with a large, exuberant breed dog. Yipee-Yahoo!!!

I got a little nervous when the dogs started running because Ike would jump up on Baxter barking, but I didn’t do anything about it. I showed remarkable restraint and guess what, it was fine. Yay! I’m not clear if Ike trying to interrupt the running behavior or if that was how he was trying to join the running play. I have to ask Katrin what she thinks.

Shaya and her mum arrived at about 5:30 with their two dogs, Tom and Opal (Greyhound). Tom likes to play chase, so he would take off with Monty trying to herd him and Opal galloping along. Very funny! And fast!

All in all it was a very nice hour. And as a bonus I got to see how big Lisa’s Vizla Ryan has gotten!


Katrin said...

Yes Baxter is a regular. And I don't even remember Ike doing that when they were running around, so obviously it didn't concern me. :-)

JULES & IKE said...

Okay. I'll have to point it out to you if he ever does it again when he's at your house. I am curious what you think he's doing!

Cat and Tessie said...

Haha, Tom thinks everyone and everything is up for herding. I still remember him successfully herding Tessie at my house... must've been two years ago. He's a riot.

I can't wait to come to these little shindigs! I'm just worried the beast will screw up her jaw somehow. :(

Katrin said...

Actually MONTY herded Tom! Tom didn't try to herd anyone, he just wanted to BE chased! Very cute!