Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ike & Nellie update

Well, Ike continues to think Nellie is an annoying white fluff and Nellie still thinks Ike is the best thing since sliced bread. Ah dogs....

October is a big birthday month for us, so Saturday night my in-laws had immediate family over to celebrate Ike's, mine, and my SIL's birthdays. Dogs in attendance, Ike, Carmen, Nellie, and Joey (the Yorkie who has major issues all his own). Nellie did really well -she's funny, she loves my niece, nephew, and certain men (John and his father). She is absolutely drawn to the kids. Funny how some dogs adore kids and other think they are so scary.

I only stayed for dinner and dessert (about 3hrs) with the dogs. I didn't want to over stimulate Nellie too much. As it was, the three hours was the outerlimit of her threshold in my opinion.

Yesterday we took some nice long walks and the dogs had afternoon marrow bones. Nellie attacked hers with great gusto. Yay! Great to see her enjoying herself!

This morning I fed both dogs chicken wings. I smashed them with a tenderizing mallet first. Nellie immediately grabbed hers and started devouring it. Ike looked at me like, huh, what do you want me to do with this? I used kitchen shears to cut his wing into smaller pieces. By this time Nellie was done with her wing and trying to steal Ike's!

I barricaded Ike in the g-pig room so he could eat in peace. I think it took him a good 20 minutes to eat his - it took Nellie about 5 minutes! Amazing differences in these two dogs. After they finished I started to panic about whether a chicken wing is appropriate for a dog of Nellie's size (slightly bigger than Ike), etc. and had to e-mail Katrin! I smashed the wings first, heard lots of crunching, and no one has vomited or had blood in their stool, so yes it's okay she said! Phew. I know I will get less paranoid with time, but Nellie isn't even mine so that made me more nervous than normal.

Now I am in the process of making carrot puree for some homemade treats. I'll let you'all know how they come out.


Cat and Tessie said...

Mmm, homemade treats! If they're good, bake me a batch and I'll trade you a batch of my peanut butter treats. :D

Jules and Ike said...

I'll bring some tomorrow, barring rain. They are pretty ugly but the dogs seem to like them. I discovered anything that involves rolling dough stresses me out! Odd.

Katrin said...

LOL!!!!!! me too!!!!!! I'm all for 'drop' cookies/muffins/dog treats etc!