Saturday, October 6, 2007

Playgroup eval for Nellie and Marlene's house

Yesterday I took Nellie and Ike to Katrin's house for a playgroup evaluation. We all know that Ike can sometimes be a brat, and Katrin wanted to meet Nellie before letting her join playgroup Monday. I thought both dogs did well. I am really impressed with Nellie - she has been allowing me to reach down and leash her without much distress. Like a lot of shy dogs, Nellie hates when you loom over her.

One of the biggest problems with Nellie at the moment is her weight. I think she is a good 10 pounds overweight. It is heart breaking because she likes to run and climb, but wearing her fur and fat she gets out of breath so easily. It really isn't fair to her. I know Nellie is exactly not what I want/need but there is a part of me almost wants her to stay with us.

I switched her to raw as she wouldn't eat her kibble and was trying to steal Ike's food. She has been WOLFING down her food - this from a dog who would barely eat her kibble even when she is at home!

This morning we went over to my friend Marlene's house. She has a great back yard and two Golden Retrievers. Michele came with her Shepherd-mix Sandy and Marlene's future daughter-in-law Shannon brought her brother's Mastiff puppy. Lots of dogs! Ike was a bit grumble-y - I think he is out of sorts with Nellie. Also, Sandy and Kody love to play and Ike then feels the need to "police." Sandy is super with both Ike and Nellie. She REALLY likes Ike but respects he likes dogs to keep their distance. Very cool.


Katrin said...

So, um, has Nellie ever had a Free T-4 check? (thyroid)

If she doesn't eat much at home, and she is 10lbs over weight, makes me wonder.....

Now that I think about it, might be good to check Ike's too.

James had gained a lot of weight (and I know why, my father fed him for 1 week, the dog gain 10#, as imagined I was not happy!) but after 3m of trying to get it off and him eating next to nothing, I said, something is not right. Now he is only 5yrs old. But I had a Free T-4 check on him, he came back low normal, which at his age he should not be. So he's been on .6mg soloxine since then. His weight is great, he coat has improved (I couldn't figure out why he was shedding so much, now it all makes sense!), his attitude has improved (he has yet to try to kill Ryan!! And that was even with Ryan grabbing his tail once!).

It was like a $50 test, but well worth it. And as a drug, soloxine is rather inexpensive.

Jules and Ike said...

No! I have never had this done on Ike and someone else recently mentioned it because he is so laid back - just that it might be worth doing. I was going to blow it off because I think how laid back he is is just his personality, but now that you mention it too....I need to schedule an appointment with my vet for bloodwork since I switched Ike to raw and will have this done, just to see.

Part of Nellie's problem is she doesn't get enough exercise, but even so considering how when she is nervous she won't eat, her weight doesn't make that much sense. I'll mention it to my mum - if she doesn't tell me I have to keep Nellie maybe I can convince her to get this test done.

Shelly said...

Yeah, I have to be proud of her for that--for all of her other "issues" she is super in tune with appropriate dog social skills. However, it is kind of funny--sometimes you can see it's killing her to not jump on him and give him the "feetie of love" right on his head... LOL

Jules and Ike said...

Yeah, it is awesome that she knows him so well. She's a good girl, that Sandy!!