Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What a good boy!

Every morning when Ike and I walk we see a variety of people. If we are running late we see LOTS of teenagers either walking to the high school or walking to their bus stop, if we are on time we see industrious-sorts speed walking for exercise or walking to the commuter rail. We occasionally see a woman who obviously fosters dogs as she is always doing very decent walks and her dogs change every 3 or 4 months! And occasionally we see a couple who own a cairn terrier named Duncan who thinks he is tough.

This morning we were running a bit late and therefore saw lots of teenage boys. Yikes....Ike's LEAST favorite sub-species. I handle the teenagers one of two ways. If we are on the opposite side of the street I halt, ask Ike for set-up position, reward, walk, halt, ask Ike for set-up position, repeat as necessary. If the teenagers are on the same side of the street, I remove myself about 5 feet onto the lawn, ask Ike for the Front position, and then Finish position. Then I click and treat as necessary.

On our way back to the house, after I thought we had seen all the teenagers on our side of the street, a door suddenly opened and out popped a hooded teenager. As I went to grab a handful of treats, I dropped the leash! Gulp. I figured if I lunged for the dropped leash I would lose Ike's attention and set him up to reinforce his barking, "Mum, I see a teenager!! He's gonna get me!!" Instead I just stopped, asked Ike to set-up, treated, walked, halted, asked Ike to set-up, and treated. We were successful even though the teenager came directly at us and we shared the sidewalk!

Hooray for Ike!!!


Side Note: I called Dr. Warner yesterday about Ike's blood work. It hasn't come back yet. I am impatient!


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ann & partner said...

You sound like a wonderful mum and trainer! Sounds like you've been training for a long time. WE are very lucky!!!

Shelly said...

Good Job Ikey!