Thursday, December 13, 2007

Chiro, Carmen, Webb Anderson seminar

I took Ike to the chiropractor last night. He is looking good. I swear he has lost that half pound that I was obsessing over. Dr. Anne tested him and opted to leave him on the thyroid supplement and scheduled a follow-up (3 weeks). But physically he looked good.

It is interesting, Katrin thinks she has notices a difference in his way of being. I can't say for sure. On Tuesday he DID do a play bow pounce when I asked him if he was ready to run the closing. That playbow/pounce is what he does to me at home when we are playing agility. His comfort level is increasing for sure.

I practiced eye contact with Carmen last night (and class was canceled tonight due to the snow). She is doing well. Her tail wags constantly - she is so happy to be working for someone. I have an appointment with Dr. Anne for Carmen next week. We went ahead and scheduled her for a second appointment the same night Ike is having his follow-up. We decided to do this after I mentioned she hurt herself jumping on the couch last year so severely we had to make an ER vet visit (she wouldn't move - period - the vet said nothing was wrong) and she wouldn't jump for MONTHS. I am sure something is out of whack there, so I can't wait to hear what!

Finally, a member of the performance schnauzer list I belong to is the President of a local agility club that is hosting a seminar by Webb Anderson in February. Eeek! When I was determined to get another MS (last spring) I contacted him regarding breeders he would recommend (there are only two!). He is friends with Anna and a frequent World Team and National Team member. He has something silly like 5 MSs. His current dog Nigel (MACH4 Gala First Class Event, PD3 ) set the new World Record for the fastest Miniature Schnauzer in the Ultimate Weave Poll Challenge. Nigel completed 60 weave poles in 14.64 seconds. I CAN NOT even imagine.

ANYWAY, there were only 10 Novice working spaces available and I figured they would go to club members, but the gal on my list said - "No, e-mail the woman organizing it. I think you would get a lot out of a seminar with Webb." I did and I got a spot. Then I decided that even though I REALLY wanted the opportunity to train with someone who works with lots of schnauzers I really can not afford it. Ta-da the fairy dog mother visited! My MIL is giving me the seminar as a Christmas gift from her and the dogs! Hooray! I am a little afraid, but hooray!


Katrin said...

WOW!!! Nice MIL! :-)

Hope you have a great time at it!!

Shaya and Tom said...

Have fun! So is Carmen staying with you for a week?

Cat and Tessie said...

Ohhh you will have a blast! :) Enjoy it! :D

JULES & IKE said...

Yes, a very generous MIL!

Carmen only lives down the street, so I will just pick her up the day of. She probably wishes she was staying with me though - she loves the g-pigs! She has much more of a ratter's instict than Ike.