Monday, December 24, 2007


I have had two more GS conversations this week with very knowledgeable people. The conversations were practically revelations, just so much information.

I am a 100% + convinced that GS is the right dog for me. I am really hopeful that there will be a puppy in 2008 that is the right dog for me.

One of the woman I spoke with used to live in Massachusetts and she gave me a tracking resource to check out! Very cool. I can't wait to get Ike's sniffer working, and maybe Carmen's. I think they will both enjoy it and it would help me get a grasp on the sport for the future-GS puppy.

And, the two people I spoke with this week do not crop ears and either won't be docking the tail this upcoming breeding or don't plan to in future breedings. This is a big deal when I think back to the FCI Agility World Championship; none of the U.S. MS could compete because of their docked tails and cropped ears. The AKC breed standard for MS requires a docked tail, but the GS standard doesn't!

I am finding this research and networking to be a completely different experience than when I started looking last year and was still thinking about going with another MS. There were some MS people who were open to speaking with me, but most suggested I visit the AMSC web page. Uh, hello....

Anyway, today begins the holiday festivities. Ike, John, and I will spend the eve with the in-laws and niece & nephew and then drive up to Reading to wake up at my mum's with my bro and Nellie-dog.

Happy Holidays to everyone!! And a happy holidays from all my critters, woof, tweet, and wheek!


Crikit, Sparky & Ginger said...

Merry Christmas Ike! Welcome to the DWB community. We want more pictures of you inyour agility action!

sniff over sometime for a play, waggin Tx tails & barking loud

Shaya and Tom said...
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Shaya and Tom said...

Julie, how did you decide g-pigs make a "wheek" sound?

(oops, I deleted the other comment accidentally)

JULES & IKE said...

Good question, Shaya. The wheek noise is what they make when I am getting them fresh hay and are super-excited. If they are nervous about something they make a super-long-loud wheek that I call, "sounding the alarm." I don't know - my piggies are pretty vocal and that word comes the closest to capturing what they sound like when they are chattering!

Katrin said...

I agree, g-pigs "week" Mine use to, at least.