Monday, December 17, 2007

Darnnit Katrin: Before There Was Atticus; The Story Of Maxwell Garrison Gillis

Oye, I am sitting at work CRYING after reading this incredibly moving post about Tom's first rescue Schnauzer, Maxwell Garrison Gillis.

Tom & Atticus Hike The Winter Whites For MSPCA-Angell Animal Medical Center: Before There Was Atticus; The Story Of Maxwell Garrison Gillis

I must be going to have an emotional day. I am wondering about my dog priorites and whether I don't really want another MS, whether I don't want to keep working with the breed, and .... ARGH! I am crazy.


Katrin said...

Ok so just how is this MY fault! You just need to better learn how burry your emotions and never let them see the light of day.... :-O

No, just kidding.

JULES & IKE said...

ha!! Then I would really be in trouble.

I should have seen this coming, John and I watched Knocked Up on Friday (A COMEDY) and I cried half of the movie! "Love" makes me teary!

What a heart warming story.

Shaya and Tom said...

Last night I read or looked at this great book of dog photography by Traer Scott. She volunteered with a program to train shelter dogs in Providence, and photographed the dogs she trained for the records. The book has all these really great photos of the dogs and in the back she tells which dogs were adopted and which didn't make it. Very sad, I was in tears.