Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Better Late than Never!!

Talk about whirling dervishes....that's been my life lately. It's generally a very good thing. Having the opportunity to work with three very different dogs (Ike, Carmen, and Jazz) - what could be better? Perhaps having time to sleep!

Anyway, Jazz has gone to his new forever home. As of 5:00 pm today he is a resident of Manchester-by-the-Sea. On Saturday John and I went up to meet his prospective adopters, Martha and Fred. I did NOT have high expectations. I'll admit I was dealing with a bit of ageism (BAD Julie), they are retired and talked about having a "run" for the dog!

Anyway, my reservations were completely unfounded. They are a very robust 60-plus. They are active hikers and sailors (is that the correct term?), have had multiple rescues, and their daughter has a whirling dervish 3 yo AS who lives in the town next door.

We walked down to the beach near their house and Jazz had the opportunity to play with some dogs and run on the beach. He was COMPLETELY appropriate. Huge sigh of relief! When we walked back to their house we had coffee and THEY prepared a kong for Jazz. That was my jaw I just picked up. Okay, see, this is why preconceived notions can really screw you!

I called Jazz' local sponsor on the ride home and told her I felt comfortable that they would be a good home for Jazz. Monday the Rescue called me and said they had spoken with Jazz' new family and I could arrange for him to go home with them as soon as I wanted.

Today, when Martha and Fred came to pick up Jazz they had already arranged a private lesson with a local trainer and are planning on enrolling in a six-week class with him.

John and I are really sad to see Jazz go, but he picked up some manners while he stayed with us and that will definately help ease his transition in his new home.

On the homefront - every animal in my house sighed a breath of relief. My pigs are munching timothy hay and my birds are preening out of their cage. Ike has shown more verve tonight in the house than he has in the past month (aside from one-on-one where he has been PHENOMONAL!!).

Having Jazz stay with us reassured me that the right herding dog would be able to fit in without a problem.

Now to work on a post about my recent training - there has been lots!


Cat and Tessie said...


I'm sorry, what? :)

JULES & IKE said...

hahaha! A couple of other people have told me that! ; )

Katrin said...

Nooo, go on up to GlenHighland....

JULES & IKE said...

Last night on I was on the GlenHighland web site AND the NE BC Rescue site. John's response, other than that our house is too small - he's a Schnauzer kind of guy!

ann & partner said...

Oh Julie, I'm so happy for Jazz! You did a wonderful thing, taking a deaf dog into your home and teaching him skills that will change his life. Good for you Julie, a big pat on the back!!!

JULES & IKE said...

Me too, Ann. He deserves a great home where he is the center of attention!