Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hooray, Carmen! Hooray, Jazz!


I did not even have a chance to post about Carmen's first ABC class last week. It went. Poor Carmen, who has been such an apt student at home, was completely overwhelmed. Oh well, that is part of what the class is for, too.

Tonight we practiced eye contact and I kept making 90 degree turns. She totally caught on. I am SO proud of her. She gets such a bad rap in the family and she tries so hard if you meet her even partway. Yay!!


I introduced Jazz to the flashlight as a clicker on Monday. Today we took a super long walk and every time he made a full face glance at me I flashed and treated. The second part of the walk he was nearly in the heel position! Good boy, Jazz! Very exciting stuff! And our door manners are progressing.


ann & partner said...

That's brilliant Julie!! Jazz is sooo lucky to have you teaching him!! He can't thank you so I will. Thank you Julie, for taking the time and energy to teach this amazing dog.

JULES & IKE said...

Thanks, Ann. He is a sweet pea. Now if I can just find him a home!!