Monday, January 7, 2008

More on Jazz

I got up super early this morning and took Jazz for a speed walk ( about 2.5 miles). Awesome. Crated him and off to work. Upon getting home I ran him out to potty, fed him, and changed into dirty clothes. We hit Sharon Dog Park for about an hour. There was a very shy BMD and a terrier/Brittany Spaniel mix there. Jazz had a fabulous time playing with them.

Came home and worked Jazz in my mud room. I am getting super solid sits out of him, he doesn't quite grasp the concept of down but allows me to lure him, worked on eye contact and started playing the space game. He is a very attentive student!

After dinner I took him for a 3 mile walk. We came home and he just finished a Kong and is now PANICKING because I am in the other room. He is seriously bonded to me and delirious about the pigs.


ann & partner said...

You are a remarkable woman for fostering Jazz. With your interest in teaching and your love for dogs his time with you is priceless! He will have an understanding of his world that no one ever took the time to give him. Good for you Julie! Good for Jazz!!!

JULES & IKE said...

Thank you, Ann. I feel a bit badly about the prey drive, but in general he is starting to come out of his shell!