Friday, February 22, 2008

Carmie and Go On Jump

You will notice in the beginning ever time I drop my arm Carmen comes into me. Argh!! I hate flailing limbs!


Christopher said...

Thanks for the comment and the link. I linked back to your blog (good stuff) as "Slow As Molasses" ... let me know if that's fine or you want another title for the link.

I have the same flailing problem you do, but I'm about 1/10th as coordinated. I've looked at the videos of training my two dogs and I look like a drunk ballerina or a marionette controlled buy a guy having a seizure. It's amazing my dogs are as good as they are, my hands are all over the place.

Thankfully they follow my voice pretty well and I am getting better with consistent and smooth body work. But it is rather funny how perceptive the dogs are to things you ignore. I use a palm up gesture for "sit" and you can see on the video that when I make the same motion during a run, one of my dogs will actually lower her rear end a bit when I do it... stupid me.

One of the trainers I take the pups to, Susan Marshall, has Miniature Schnauzers. AWESOME dogs.



ann & partner said...

I watched the videos again today. (with Partner climbing all over the computer to find you and Katrin!) Looks like you have lots of energy and are having fun.
Yes, we'll be going to the spring/summer agility. Your right it will be good for Partner. I doubt I'll see much with him "turning himself inside out"!! hehehe
See you Sunday.

JULES & IKE said...

Christopher - Very cool! Susan Marshall is on a performance schnauzer list I belong too. I have to tell her I've found your blog. I recently *complained* on-list about the dearth of performance Schnauzer blogs.

The flailing issue is annoying. It's amazing how much video helps the handler correct bad movement, though. I love it.

Ann: Partner (and hopefully you)will, without a doubt, love agility!