Monday, February 18, 2008

The Food Hound has Returned

Bringing you continuing updates on Ike's gastro-status!

Ike is back to his food hound ways! I STILL think he could lose a few ounces, but DH and the in-laws think he is skin and bones. (ha!)

I am about to try and get him UP (he likes to sleep in) and get him OUT into this rainstorm, which should prove hysterical. Ike does NOT like to get wet.

Then it is off to work with Carmen - I will post on that later.

I had the raccoon tail out yesterday. Both dogs go ballistic for it. They tug over it, which has never happened with any other toy. Major score! Of course, I am keeping the raccoon tail mostly about playing with me, but sometimes it is hard to resist group tugging and the hilarity that ensues. I might have to buy a rabbit pelt for that.


Katrin said...

Ok that is just funny, think of IKE as a food hound. He is soooo NOT!! Just you wait until Monty spends some time at you place! You will have a whole new idea of the term 'food houd' :-P

JULES & IKE said...

hee, is all relative. Are you saying some dogs gulp their food and will go to crazy extremes to try and find food?! ;-P

I thought you'd get a kick out of the "skin and bones" comments. Ha!