Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oh No!!

It's a double whammy....I started my morning off shoveling out my driveway and thinking I need to write a post on how important it is to keep things in perspective. Some readers have dogs that have minimal baggage, others -like moi, have dogs that well, pack for extended trips. And I am sure some readers have imaginary dogs. Nonetheless I wanted to write a lengthy post about perspective.

Then I came in from shoveling and found that Ike had thrown up and was curled into a sick little ball. Hmmm....I thought it was odd he wanted to go out at 4:45 a.m. I sent Ike to his daycare (aka my in-law's) with instructions and some Pepto just in case. Well, after more vomit, explosive diarrhea, and still more vomit I received a call at work.

It's a little odd, typically if Ike pukes it is only once and he recovers fairly quickly. I think he must have picked a bug up in South Hadley. I called my vet to ask their opinion about whether the Pepto was adequate and found out to my horror that my beloved Dr. Warner is NO LONGER with the practice.


I am as upset by this development as I am by Ike being sick. I went ahead and scheduled an appointment for 1 pm - so I am home at the moment. Yes, I know I might be over reacting but this is a bit unusual for Ike and where he was just traveling it seems to me that this would be about the right amount of time for a bug to incubate.

He isn't drinking H20 - just expelling bodily fluids.

I will post an update but I do suspect Dr. Kirk will tell me to feed him rice for the next few days and keep an eye on him. Then I'll have to begin the new vet search, which SUCKS. The only upside to this is that if I am being forced to make this change I might as well seek out a holistic vet more in tune with my beliefs. Not that I didn't enjoy discussing the pros and cons with Dr. Warner of typically recommended treatments.

Wish Ike a more peaceful belly.


Katrin said...

What about Dr Rogers over at Slade? I had very good interactions with her at a seminar and Cat uses her and has been very happy. She does agility too so knows about the canine athelete and such.

Sorry to hear that Mr Powers is ill :-(

JULES & IKE said...

I will probably give Slade a call. i have to call Medfield back and find out where Dr. Warner went. Such a bummer.

Shelly said...

I hope the little man feels better!!