Saturday, February 16, 2008

Recovery Weekend

Sir Ike is definitely on the mend. Yay! He is still not drinking but I am adding warm water to his rice, turkey, veggie mix and giving him fruit Popsicles. He doesn't like the chicken broth ice cubes very much for some reason.

He had a normal bowel movement this morning and has now kept three meals down.

Today I am going to SmartPak with Katrin. I am going to pick up a lunge whip to tie Ike's raccoon tail on. I have been obsessing about picking up the lunge whip since I got the raccoon tail! The lunge whip will give me a nice radius to drag the tail about and hopefully get Ike really wired. I plan on using it with the Onion, too.

Just to clarify, I often call Carmen the carmelized onion or the onion, also Carmelita. I am big on pet names for my dogs and even though Carmen isn't officially mine I do her training - therefore I can call her whatever I want!

Since Ike's treats are limited to rice this weekend I plan on working Ms. Carmen. Based on Neil's post about the ABC class I think I should break out my jump and tunnel and practice some targeting. Neil, his wife Lael, and their Vizla Makin are in Carmen's class (along with human friends Cat [Strata] and Shaya [Tom]). I like the Thursday night class - I think we all work independently fairly well. There are also a couple of reactive dogs in it (uh-hmmm Carmen) which raises the challenge and is a good experience in terms of the variety of dogs and handlers you encounter at an agility trial.


Lael & Neil said...

The tunnel is where I became the flailing mushroom and forgot to use commands! Tom was awesome with the tunnel you should have seen he and Shaya go. Awesome!

Lael & Neil said...

Glad Ike is doing well.

JULES & IKE said...

Thanks! Ike is def. on the mend -Scrounging for food and double-checking his bowl.

Shaya and Tom said...

Thanks, Neil. Tom likes tunnels, but when we started in front of a jump I released and he just sniffed the ground, "if you really want me to but this metal scary thing just isn't very fun." You did great on the outs.