Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Sock

I went to an awesome seminar last weekend and I haven't even posted about it! I have had a bit of a stomach bug and doing the whole run down thing. However, I must share my Sock excitement.

I know (via online communities) many people who use rat urine soaked sawdust to get their terriers amped up.

I got to thinking about Ike's fledgling toy drive AND how much he loves the g-pigs. I took an old sock of John's and put loads of g-pig pellets (Ike's favorite all natural, organic treat) and some soaked sawdust into it. Holy dog gods!! Ike tugged with me!

I played with it with him, intermittentally clicking and treating. He didn't even CARE about the click-n-treats. YES! I have put the sock away and will continue to build up sock-excitement.

I am VERY excited about this toy break through.


Katrin said...

Very ingenious thinking my dear!!!

ann & partner said...

Brilliant! I wanted to tell you I really enjoyed class Sunday. I'm starting to get a rhythm, and I feel a lot more comfortable with myself and my progress. Thank you for all your help. Partner thanks you too!

Julie said...

I wish I had tried this sooner - if only I suspected. I used to joke about bringin Zeke to class, I should have taken the idea in a different direction!

Ann: I am glad you are enjoying the YerChoice game. I think it is super fun. I will bring a photocopy of an article on it next week for everyone. It is the perfect game for Partner!!

Cat and Tessie said...

Smart smart smart! :D

Paws on the Run said...

that's awesome! Good job for thinking outside the box!