Thursday, March 27, 2008


This morning I took Ike on an illegal walk. There is a nice field near my in-laws that dogs are not allowed in/on. You cross a creek with a little wooden bridge and after a 50 foot walk through some (legal for dogs) woods, you are at a big (illegal for dogs) field. There are very explicit signs up about no dogs being allowed as you near this field, from both the woods direction and the street. The signs actually say, “No curbing of dogs.” I assume this is because the field is for children and there are some owners that do not pick up after their dogs and let them run off-leash in said field. Ike and I visit the field at about 6:30am or 9pm, never in between and always on leash, so I typically disregard the signs. I know, I know - very, very bad human.

As the weather warms up the Canadian Geese take over the field. Ike usually ignores them. This morning he was fascinated by them. There were only about 5 and he couldn’t stop staring at them. So I dropped my leash and said “Go get ‘em.” Ike looked at me, looked back at the geese, and looked at me again. I took a step and swung my arm, “Go get ‘em!” Ike looked at me again, I said “Go on!” and he did! Too cute.

The geese only moved about twenty feet but Ike looked so beautiful in the early morning sun chasing after them, then he did a very joyful and fast recall. Hooray! Ike is about the size of half a goose so thankfully they didn’t go after him. That would have been traumatic for every animal involved!


Marlene said...

Image if I said that to Kody or even Sophie? (she is a lot faster and active after the chiro visits)

Jules and Ike said...

Hee, I suspect they would be off like a shot. Mum, said I could chase the geese. Woo-hoo!!

I am glad to hear the chiro is helping Ms. Sophie!

ann & partner said...

Bet you wished you'd had your camera!! Very exciting for both you and Ike.

Diana said...

I know what you mean. Sometimes I take Miley to some baseball fields to train recalls. They are great because they are fenced in but there are signs that say no dogs. I only do it if no one is there.

Good for Ike!!! Diana