Monday, March 31, 2008

Pouring rain = empty dog park!


It is pouring today, but not too cold. I took a calculated risk. I figured the Sharon Dog Park might be empty, and it was!

The boys and I had the park all to ourselves. We played for about 40 minutes and then took the "long" way through the woods to the parking lot. Ike definitely enjoyed himself and was VERY into this fire hose/bumper-like toy that was there. He was getting all footie about it and running after the toy with Monty.

I received my first Corgi head butt. I was bending down to get the toy and Monty jumped up. His skull connected with my cheekbone. I am hoping it won't bruise. My eyes watered (!) and the little bugger didn't even notice we bumped noggins. Those Corgis are hard-headed!


Pacco de Mongrel said...

how cool is that 2 have the entire park 4 urself...

Katrin said...

hehe, how did you like typing "the boys"??? LOL.

Glad you had fun. Yeah it will probably bruise, he's got a hard head that corgi boy.

manymuddypaws said...

it will be the first of many...might as well get used to it!!!!

Jules and Ike said...

Having the park to ourselves rocked! "The boys" very much enjoyed it. They play well together. Now I just need to get my own new boy!

I fortunately do NOT look like I have a black-eye, just bruised/tender to the touch.