Sunday, March 30, 2008

Upcoming Trials

Unlike some uber-organized individuals that we know (heh-hmmm Cat ;O), I only know what I will be doing for the next two months. After that it all depends on if I remember to send it the premium or not. I am looking forward to the outdoor season - Ike prefers trialing outside to indoor trials. I think the preference has to do with noise and proximity of humans (inside is typically louder and there are odd reverberations, etc.). At outdoor trials noise dissipates much more quickly and you can avoid humans much more easily! Very important factors for an Ike.

I have limited my agility events to two weekends a month and one day. Why? I love agility and Ike - Ike loves me, likes agility, and gets stressed out easily. Two events, one day/month is a pretty happy medium. I still get to do lots of agility but I do not burn my dog out. If a seminar comes up that I want to attend, the seminar takes the place of an agility event. I am an expert at over scheduling, so over the years I have finally figured out how NOT to burn myself. I give myself "rules"!

April 08
  • Act-Up Agility Club NADAC Trial, April 19th, Wretham Developmental Center, MA
  • Bo-Gee Agility CPE Trial, April 26th, Derry, NH

May 08

  • Act-Up Agility Club CPE trial, May 10th and 11th, Canine Mastery, Seekonk, MA
    I am breaking my two-day rule here because CPE is my priority, it is my club, and it is so close!
  • CSSC/LRCGB (AKC), May 18th, Wrentham Developmental Center, MA
    Our first AKC trial.....eeek!
  • PRMSC Specialty, May 30th, Masterpeace, Franklin, MA
    I acted as a hostess for the club last year and agreed to do so again this year. Usually there are Schnauzer puppies to fawn over!

June 08

  • Happy Tails CPE Trial, June 7th, Portland, ME
    Opening postmark 4/9

Tentatively I am thinking I will avoid All Dog Gym during the summer. I am not crazy about the set-up for Ike. The noise is tough on him, and the proximity of people and dogs in both the crating area and the actual performance area. On the one hand it will be indoors and Ike barely tolerates the heat. On the other hand he really isn't crazy about the atmosphere. So, I *think* I am not going to schedule any trials there this summer. We'll see.

I bought Ike a K9 Cool Coat and a cooling mat that was on clearance ($5!) at Clean Run. Not the Cool Bed III - after all, Whole Dog Journal says latex is bad! - but the kind that has crystals in it. Katrin said they weigh a ton. I guess that is why it was only $5. I hope these will help Ike tolerate the heat a wee bit better this summer. Cross your fingers and paws.

Depending on how the CSSC trial goes we *might* do more AKC events.

I am very excited about the Act-Up NADAC trial in April. Some Performance Schnauzer people, Cat, and potentially my friend Marlene with her GR Kody, will be at the Scottie AKC trial at the same location! It should be a very busy fun day.

If I get more organized, I will post more!


Diana said...

Good for you- doing what is best for your dog. When I was running Guiness, I only did one trial a month. I dont think he liked going to trials. He loved practice. And he loved seminars too. Diana

Jules and Ike said...

Fingers crossed that Ike won't request I cut back even further. I am trying to be respectful of him!