Sunday, March 9, 2008

Update on Scanning

Since Ike just recently learned the fine art of the hand touch, I have decided to transition hand touches into my walk routine. Friday was the first day that I actively attempted to redirect Ike's scanning with hand touches and it worked!

I intermittently asked for hand touches when he was scanning AND when he saw people. Hand touches require much more thought than eye contact for him, so it definitely interrupted his routine. Heh, heh...just what I wanted!

The big issue for me is that I need to continue to use the hand touch frequently in other contexts so that Ike doesn't think of it as the game we play only on walks. I also need to continue to use both hands at multiple heights, etc. Last Tuesday I asked him for some hand touches in agility class and I will continue to practice at home since ultimately I would like a more confident hand touch.

Currently Ike's hand touch is a very soft brush! Silly boy!

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