Saturday, March 22, 2008

Warning ~VENT~

My mother has a Cocker Spanial-Poodle mix (I hate to say cockpoo) that she adopted a few years ago. For the entire back-story, see this old post.

Nellie was under-socialized and it has been a very difficult and on-going battle to make her comfortable in her own skin. She is never going to be what John Q Public thinks is a normal dog.

My mother has been friendly with a fellow for the past year and recently they cut ties. Once before he told her he thought she should put Nellie up for adoption and get a "normal" dog. The straw the broke the proverbial camel's back occurred recently. He told her he wished she didn't have a "demented dog."

I hate this man (okay, not really but he does SUCK). This man is part of the problem. He is one of those people that thinks it is okay to get rid of a dog because they are not perfect. This is one of the reasons the U.S. has such a huge problem with shelter animals, ect.

I am really angry and had to share. We are heading up to visit Ms. Nellie today and introduce her to the wonders of a raccoon tail attached to a lunge whip. I will post pictures later!!


Katrin said...

Grrrrrrrr. What a JERK! (really want to use a MUCH stronger word there)

Shelly said...

That's ok Katrin--I'll use it. JACKASS!! Because no doubt, he is perfect!! I've said it once and I'll say it again. People Suck. I'm sure it's not coincidence that all of my "true" friends are dog or ferret people!

Katrin said...

Oh Shelly, you are way too NICE! I was thinking a LOT worse...actually it was a series of much stronger words I want to use.

Jules and Ikey P said...

Evil sums it up though. grrr.

Blue said...

If I had to have the "perfect" dog, I wouldn't have any of mine! And I'd be the one missing out.

I love the pictures of Nellie and Ike playing.

Jules and Ikey P said...

This man actually expressed interest in Jazz (foster AS) to my mother. I told her he was delusional if he thought any animal that was even tangentially under my care would make it into his home.

Yeah, I wouldn't have a dog if I were looking for "perfect" either!!

ann & partner said...

In a perfect, "normal" world that man wouldn't be in it!