Friday, April 18, 2008


I am a complete nervous nellie about tomorrow’s trial. I have no idea how Ike will be after being “off” for a few weeks and having the foot issue going on. He is continuing to lick the growth and it is looking very red. : ( I have been giving him arnica because I am assuming the licking is making it tender – even though he obviously thinks the opposite!

I am nervous about Carmen, too. Hopefully she will be a good girlie. I checked the worker schedule and for some reason I am not on it. Well, maybe this will work to my benefit. Usually I try to work as much as possible, but this way I can run Ike, do some work with Carmen, visit friends, and just work a wee bit.

You know, the very apt cliché when it rains it pours? This morning I gave my g-pigs some herb salad and Ms. Isadora Voilet did not come out of the Woodland Get-Away. Not good news.

No healthy, happy piggy passes up veggies – especially herb salad! Usually all the pigs are standing up wheeking for their hay - when they realize I am giving out veggies too they go ballistic! Often times popcorning (running around like a maniac and bucking) ensues. Today only Zeke and Alley were doing the jail break veggie dance. I put some salad right next to Izzy which she did eat, but it is very unusual that she didn’t make a beeline for the veggies.

I am really worried, but I am going to try and keep my worry in check. G-pigs can suffer from bloat. I will have Izzy out tonight for an extended period of time so I can make sure she is making the all-natural treats Ike likes so much. Physically she looks healthy – her coat is nice, she is clean, there are no eye gookies, no sneezing (g-pigs can go downhill fast with upper respiratory infections). She just is not ACTING healthy. I will continue to keep a close eye on her this weekend. I can always take her to the e-vet or make an appointment for Monday when Ike will be having surgery if gods forbid something IS going on. I am taking deep breaths! I think I am going to run home at lunch and check on her.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I just got back. Izzy seems slightly more normal. She came out for hay. Phew, I think/hope!


Katrin said...

Hope Miss Izzy will be ok!!

Jules and Ike said...

Thanks, Katrin. I don't know if g-pigs get plain old tummy aches, but she seems to be back to normal. Knock on Wood!