Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bad vet!!

My mum has two Quarter Horses that live with her friend in NH (Taffy and CB). I grew up riding and showing, you can now understand why the transiton to agility has been so complete!Taffy is going to be 28 yo this May and isn't doing so well. The vet was out to see the horses yesterday and my mum asked the vet about what she thought about pharmaceuticals for dogs that have severe fear issues - as an interim step while de-sensitization and counter-conditioning can occur. The vet said that my mother should see a behaviorist and recommended a company that I will not so cleverly disguise the name of, WoofCrushers. Eeeek!!

How on the gods green earth does a franchise equal a behaviorist? I gave my mother an earful, to which she said "Calm down, I am not calling a franchise to help Nellie." Oi! Too late though, my blood was boiling. What a terible vet to recommend such a thing. Everyone I know who has used WC them has paid $500 for the initial consultation and walked away with a fabric bag that has choke chain links in it that the human part of the equation is supposed to throw at the dogs feet when the dog barks. VERY EFFECTIVE.


Blue said...

As far as I can tell, the only thing WoofCrushers does well is advertising. I've only heard bad things about their "training" methods. Wonder how well throwing chains at a dog that's barking because he's scared works?

Jules and Ike said...

Exactly. I am alarmed that a vet would think they are "behaviorists!"