Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ike the Bastard

Ah Sir Ike - for a low-key dog there has been nary a dull moment with you lately. Today the bandage came off Ike's foot. Once the bandage came off it became obvious that the 15" e-collar wasn't cutting it. Yoga-dog Ike was easily able to lick his footie to bits. I called the clinic first thing this morning and they said they would have the vet call me when he got in about exchanging the 15" e-collar for a 20".

Dr. Kirk called at 11 and he had the biopsy results!! Benign!! Ike's growth was something called a hystiocytoma and is typical in dogs under 2 years old. Hmmm...Ike is nearly 6. Dr. Kirk did remove all of the growth and it shouldn't come back. Hooray. This is great news.

I stopped at the vet on the way home to pick up the new e-collar. When I got to my in-laws to pick up Carmen for her first weave class Ike came flying to see me. Jack, my FIL, said he was very subdued and depressed all day. I checked out his foot and lo and behold he had torn all the stitches out.

I called the vet and my original plan was to bandage the foot and bring Ike in first thing tomorrow. Dr. Kirk asked me to bring him in tonight because if I waited until tomorrow Ike would have to undergo surgery AGAIN to repair the damage he did. If I brought him in tonight he could have some licodine and Dr. Kirk would staple it shut.

Due to the damage Ike did we now have to treat the incision like a "wound" which means antibiotics and the assumption that it will not heal as cleanly as the surgical incision would have. Argh!!

Check out Ike's new 20" headgear. He is MISERABLE, but crafty. Do you know what I saw him do? Somehow get his foot around and inside the cone from the wide end. He's crazy!


ann & partner said...

I'm so sorry for Ike. The extra time and worry about infection. Better that he be unhappy about the 20" collar than more problems. "Ike the Bastard" hehe.
I wish you both well Julie.

Diana said...

Great news about being benign!!!

Jules and Ike said...

Yes, the fact the it is benign. PHEW!!! Now let's just hope no infection.

Thanks, Ann!

Pacco de Mongrel said...

hey ike, i had tough time with the e-collar...i hope it can remove from u soon.

good news that it was benign!

Blue said...

So glad to hear it's benign. He got his foot around the 20 in cone??? He is determined!

Good luck keeping him from opening it up again.

Shelly said...

Well, you have always said that you wanted him to offer behaviors... LOL.

Little creep, I can relate--Sandy can actually remover E-collars--and the bigger I go, the easier she gets it off... ?????