Saturday, April 26, 2008

Oh Ike

I had to attend a wake for my husband's great aunt (or grand aunt depending on what sort of word hound you are) yesterday. That kind of thing always stressed me out - a lot.

I left early to go get the boy because I do not trust him and his limber ways. Wouldn't you know - his bandage looks like it has mysteriously slipped down a significant amount. Considering this is a PRESSURE bandage that shouldn't have happened. Hmmmm....wonder what (or WHO!) could be responsible?

I have decided per Katrin's recommendation I am going to try and pick up one of the BiteNot collars (similar to a neck brace). The BiteNot collar COMBINED with the e-collar should prevent our crafty friend from getting to his foot.

I take Ike's e-collar off for his walks and last night we had quite a walk. We must have seen 30 adolescent kids. OMG. Ike was ridiculously good. I think my blood pressure must have been through the roof. Kids were on skateboards, scooters, bikes, walking, you name it they were doing it. I had NO idea that many kids live down the street I was walking on.

I had Ike doing MANY hand touches. I discovered that if I do a hand touch on my left side behind me it leaves Ike is GORGEOUS finish position. I also kept asking him for downs - which he amazingly provided (on a busy street with kids about!). So, it was a good walk, albeit VERY stressful (for me).

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Katrin said...

damn school vacation. Glad Ike was so good on the walk!