Sunday, April 27, 2008

Practice and Greek Orthodox Easter

After classes today I went over to the in-law's house to practice weaves with Carmie. I set up a jump, weaves, jump in the same location in the yard. I am VERY relieved that Carmen is kinda-sorta starting to "get" what I want. You can see the wheels in her brain working as she circles AROUND the weaves. Silly goose. A couple of times she started to circle and came tearing through the weaves from the other direction. Yes! Not exactly what I wanted but she is Thinking! and moving pretty darn fast.

We were getting close to done when the neighbor's guests' children came out and they were all 11 years old and under (the neighbor mum is Greek Orthodox). Uh-oh. The kids kept creeping closer, absolutely fascinated by Carmen. I asked them to please step back because Carmen doesn't really like kids, she finds them scary. Some of them got what I meant, some of them didn't. One of the kids RAN and Carmen started barking, then two more kids ran and Carmen started acting like she was going to really go after them and then the kids started SCREAMING! It was scary for Carmen, myself, and the kids! One of the adults came out and said they would play on the other side of the driveway - I explained that I was almost done. Oye!!

Kudos to Carmen for being able to go right back to playing. She really likes this agility stuff!


Pacco de Mongrel said...

my dog doesn't like kids too... i wonder why..

she doesn't bark at them though, she snap at them...

Jules and Ike said...

If Carmie got close enough, I think she would have snapped too!

Those kids, they move too quick, says Carmie.