Sunday, April 6, 2008

Singing Beach

We took the dogs to Singing Beach in Manchester-by-the-Sea today. It was pretty windy and cold, but the dogs had a blast! We ran into some Schnauzers and a cute 5-mo PWC named Tucker who loved everydog!

Shhh....don't tell Ike he is having fun!

Something smells tasty....

The full Monty....


Shelly said...

OOOHhhhh, Running romping Ikey!!! :-) :-)

And big smiling Monty faces!


Katrin said...

Ok I'm really, really glad Mont had a good time, but I seriously think I'm going to leave my leather leash at YOUR HOUSE and get a NEW one after this! :-P (I should have left a cotton long line, or at least a crappy leash for these 'drag the leash' in the dirt/sand/salt water excapades)

go to imnotwrong I just put up horsey photos.

Thanks for taking such good care of my boy!

Michèle said...

I wanted to take my Standard Poodle, Strummer, to Singing Beach this afternoon, but I was daunted by the cold drizzle! (She wouldn't have minded!) Looks like you had fun!

Tomorrow evening at the annual Town Meeting, residents of Manchester-by-the-Sea will vote on a proposal to ban dogs year round at Singing Beach. The Town Selectmen have recommended an amendment that would extend the existing dog ban by two months from April through October. (Currently no dogs are allowed on the beach from May 1 through September 30.)

For their own neighbors and all of us who enjoy Singing Beach together with our dogs during the off-season, let's hope Manchester does the right thing and votes against the proposal to change the current rules which allow dogs on Singing Beach between October and April!

ann & partner said...

Oh your so nice to take them all to the beach on such a nasty day. They look so happy.

Jules and Ike said...

Don't worry Katrin - that is my multi-purpose leather leash! (It is longer than the Monty-leather leash.) : )

Michèle: I saw an article about that in the Globe. It would be SUCH a shame. It was fairly quiet yesterday. I have been once before and it was filled with dogs and dog-people. Fingers and paws crossed that the proposal does not pass!

Michele and Ann - the boys and girl had a blast!!

manymuddypaws said...

great pictures! looks like everyone had lots of fun!