Sunday, May 4, 2008

Honor-Bug Goes to Class

I took the Bug to class today. I introduced him to the table and tunnel before anyone arrived. Bug is a cautious dog but willing to take some chances, and I suspect as he trusts me more he will become more confident.

There were only three students in the Canine Good Citizen Class today so Katrin asked me to bring Bug in and we practiced walking through a crowd, sits and stays. At first he didn't want to take any treats - he was way too high. As he calmed down he gobbled them right up. Katrin gave us a piece of string cheese and Bug thought that was FABULOUS. Yay, a dog of my own who can eat string cheese! Very exciting to me. Poor Ike has huge difficulties eating cheese (no clue why - something to do with the consistency).

I was really happy with what a quick learner Honor is. I am looking forward to working with him. He is such a happy dog.


Katrin said...

He did very good at class! Though I'm sure the poor guy's brain is completely fried at this point and he will be glad to see you and John off to work tomorrow so he can sleep all day! :-)

hahaha, ROFL!!!- word verification could easily be translated into: we squish bug

(how, how do I get so lucky so often??!!)

Holly said...


Now don't squish my bug boy :-)

I am sure he had loads of fun and will be very happy with all the activities you have in mind for him!!

Jules and Ike said...

Squish the bug with love!!