Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ike's Tuesday Night Class (cue dramatic music)....

....was awesome!!

Ike was a wee bit stressed but he very obviously WANTED to play and was the most engaged I have seen him in at two months, at the very least.

Katrin had set up eight jumps with the bars angled to act as cavalettis and a curved tunnel. This was to help our dogs with foot-fall placement. Ike was great. No hesistation, and no attempts to leave (either the cavalettis or the barn). Wow! Even some wags!

We also practiced tire, teeter, send to the table and again Ike was AWESOME!!! We went through a stint a few months ago when he was refusing to down on the table. I don't know if it was because it was winter and he was cold or it was/is related to his "mood," but last night he had no hesitation. He was HAPPY!!

So, some thoughts:

I practiced with JUST Carmen prior to leaving for Ike's class. Ike watched.

I promised Ike it was just practice and no more trials forever or until we figure out whatever we have to figure out!

I brought Evanger's 100% Duck and did not treat as gratuitously as I am known too.

New to Ike's class dogs and dogs he knows well, but all dogs that he likes a lot; particularly Baxter Black. Katrin said last night, I think Ike is trying to give me a complex!! :D


Katrin said...

1st- I would like to know where you get all these great links??!! the cavaletti one Rocks!

2nd- He did DO AWESOME last night!!! And you did Great Too!!! :-) (even though I threatened the frying pan, it was in jest since YOU Did Ask if it was a good time to stop and did Not Just Keep Going. Click to you!)

Jules and Ike said...

Glad you like it.:D I was trying to find a page or article that explained the use of caval in a straight forward manner. (Google, baby!)

Yay, Ike. I am so happy that he was happy!!!

Great class - we both enjoyed it.

Blue said...

Yay Ike! Wouldn't life be boring without our looney dogs to keep us guessing?

Jules and Ike said...

YES!!! Although maybe somewhat less stressful!