Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tuesday Night class and Alley Cat

Last night Ike had agility class and he was such a good little Schnauzer. He was trotting versus running most of the time, but he wanted to play. I got wags for nothing!! Cat, Tessie, and Strata were there last night. Ike thinks that Cat is the scariest human ever - not sure why. She does have a commanding voice and very long hair.... I am impressed that he was pretty focused and not that reactive about her - especially considering Cat had a PUPPY (Strata) with her. Eeeek!

The course was nice and included 12 weaves, the dogwalk, and the teeter. I tried to reward Ike every three or four obstacles and make sure he knew that I was SO happy he was playing with me! I was distracted because one of my g-pigs is very sick and I was deathly afraid my distraction was going to carry into class and make Ike stressed and not want to play. Either he really wanted to play (because he has competition?) or he was trying to take my mind off of things because he was a good boy.

Now, if only I can make my dog move faster. After the run Katrin asked what I could do to make Ike move faster - I think I looked at her like, "Duh?" Not a single thought went through my head (Huh, this seems to be a recurring theme - vacation anyone?). I did feel that my movement was more consistent in general (perhaps I am getting the hang of that?) and that it is helpful to Ike. I didn't even think about my movement until this morning, so it is becoming part of how I move on course, which is good.

We also practiced "switch" on the flat and Ike is doing awesome! No spinning as he tries to figure out what the heck I am asking for. To practice "Switch" on the flat the handler walks in a straight line forward, using the hand that is on the opposite side from the dog to "pull" them (with a treat initially) to the other side (this movement happens in front of the handler). Apparently Ike just needs time too process these things. Now we need to practice more so we can start to use it "for real."

As to my g-pig. Poor Alley Cat. I noticed yesterday that she was not moving much or eating her hay. She is my jailbreak chunky-monkey piggie - she goes ballistic when there is food around. None of that yesterday. I gave her some romaine lettuce leaves and she did eat those, but that is it. When I got home from work , same thing. After class I mashed up some pellets and water and force fed her a little bit. G-pigs are like horses and are supposed to be constantly grazing. When they do not eat, their body VERY quickly shuts down and turns on itself.

We have an appointment with my vet this am, but unfortunately Dr. Warner (who specialized in exotics) left the practice and they do not have an exotic specialist. So, we are going to see Dr. Kirk. There are some things that they can do. Cross your fingers. Both dogs are very worried about Alley and me, which is sweet. They try very hard to make things "alright." Such good doggies.


Katrin said...

Good luck! LMK how it goes with allie

Blue said...

Poor Alley Cat. I hope she'll be ok.

Did you ever find out where Dr Warner went? The Association of Avian Vets' website says she's at the Phoenix Veterinary Hospital in Wayland. Just in case you want another option.

Jules and Ike said...

Thank you both. Alley is at the vet's right now. She is dehydrated and suffering with anorexia. We are trying to get her rehydrated to take a blood sample as Dr. Kirk is pretty sure it is not bloat. oye!!

My poor sweet monkey has lost 300 grams since her annual. Granted she was on a diet, but I can only imagine how much of it is from this illness. : ( I will keep you posted!

Before they told me she went some where in Hopkinton, but today another of the vet techs said they didn't know where she went. Mysterious - she rocked.

Blue said...

How's Alley doing tonight? Any new news? Sending positive thoughts...

I would guess that the AAV website is the right info for Dr Warner. I think she'd have been the one to update it? Weird that they're giving you the run around about where she went. I wonder what happened. I really liked her too, especially for the exotics.