Friday, May 30, 2008

Weaves # 6 - the BIG Bang

Last night was our final weaves class and it is obvious that Carmen is really starting to catch on regarding the weaves. We did not have the same problems we have been having (entries). yay! It is also obvious that she is a lot more terrier than Ike is. She charged Blue and Iris. She charged Callie. She was a COMPLETE AND UTTER NUDGE when she wasn't running a course. I have to check the lunar calendar. Is Mercury in retrograde or something?

I am VERY pleased with her performance when it comes to agility equipment - not so much when it comes to other dogs. Poor Iris was in her crate when Carmen decided to go on high terrier alert. So, Carmen is on much more than "Ike" watch. In general I have been pretty happy with her behavior regarding other dogs in class, last night was more of an exception than the norm and it was extreme and somewhat depressing. Fortunately Carmen is not like Ike and I can scruff her and then she can go back to playing. Katrin referred to her as a dictator dog which is SO apt.

I am taking part in an earthdog training hosted by the Greater Boston Area Earthdog Club on the 8th (and if the Ike likes it - continuing to train). My original intention was to do it with Carmen because I think she will rock at it. However, after talking with Katrin and last night's events, I am definitely going to hold off on doing it with Carmen. Ike can be my doggie g-pig! I think he will like it and hopefully it will boost his confidence. Once my relationship with Carmen is cemented I will try her at earthdog. She tries to climb trees after squirrels, so I think it is safe to say earthdog would be right up her alley.

In the meantime, we will be continuing to practice our weaves and starting the Five Directions class in June.


manymuddypaws said...

that's great that Carmen is getting the weaves! They are the most work to teach but well worth it!

The earthdog thing sounds fun. At the Jack Russell trial they do was always lots of fun to watch!

Blue said...

I think some of the dogs in class (it seemed to me like it was mainly Iris, Carmen, and Molly?) were all getting each other worked up.

I think it was more that Carmen could hear Iris who was being a little bit of a loud mouth, but couldn't see her so she wanted to check it out. They were both in b*tch mode, so as soon as they saw each other, they both wanted to get the last word in!

Carmen did great with the agility part of the night though!

Liz said...

I'm actually a member of the GBAEC and have been competing for a couple seasons with my JRT Spot. Shelby is just beginning to think it's a fun thing to do. It's so different from agility since you do less training and the dog gets to follow their instincts. Some dogs take a while to warm up to the rats. It's really cool when you see the dog get that "a-ha" moment. I am pretty sure we will be at the training next Sat. Hopefully we will see you there.

Jules and Ike said...

MMP - It is so rewarding to see it start to come together for Carmie. I love it! I have only seen earthdog on tv but I can see how much fun the dogs seem to have.

Blue - I swear we had the domino effect going on in class. All these b!tchy girls! Iris was good about Carmen being such a nudge.

Liz - I'll look for you! I am def. planning on bringing Ike - I *hope* he enjoys it. Since there is less handler interaction and more instict I decided to wait on Carmen - we are just starting to have a nice agility relationship.