Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend Update

Busy weekend!

Saturday I took the boys up to visit with Nellie. I had placed a large PetEdge order earlier in the week and we stopped to play with Nellie and the boys' nana after picking it up. The order included my very own grooming table! I finally decided that working on a card table wasn't optimal (it only took 4 years). I bought PetEdge's "best seller" table and a grooming arm. yay! Unfortunately when I got the table home it had been slightly smooshed in the box and one of the legs will not extend (it is adjustable height). Oh no. I am grooming Schnauzers next weekend so I will need to run up there first thing Saturday morning and exchange it for a non-smooshed table.

Nellie was VERY happy to see the boys and Bug was very happy to see Ms. Nellie. My mum's backyard is great for tearing around, so the dogs played for a few hours and tuckered themselves out!

Sunday Ike was entered in his first AKC trial but I scratched him due to the Lyme flare-up and his mental health vacation request. As a result I had to attend a graduation party. Eeek! It wasn't TOO terrible. I took the boys to the Bradley Estate in the morning (for a 30-40 minute mini-hike) and they had a grand old time romping around. Ike found a dead frog that had been torn in half and tried to roll in it. Silly boy! And HonorBug tried to drink out of a stagnant pond - reminds me of Monty! Silly boy!

Carmie and Ike both practiced their weaves Sunday and Carmen is doing MUCH better. Hooray! Honor now knows "sit." Now onto "down."

I noticed this morning that Bug didn't want to go down my stairs so I think we must have overdone it this weekend. We will be doing some stretching tonight and making that a regular part of our routine. I *hope* he didn't knock his pelvis out playing with Nellie and that it is just that he was stiff. We have a vet appointment tonight where Honor will be weighed to make sure I am feeding him enough! ;-P and be tested for heartworm, Lyme, and meet Dr. Kirk. Wednesday Honor will have his second appointment with Dr. Anne. I am going to ask her to take a closer look at him and see if there is anything I should do other than stretching, strength exercises, and possibly arnica when we have overdone it.

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Blue said...

Dead frogs and dirty ponds - sounds like the best kind of hike for a dog! I hope Bug is feeling less stiff today.