Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hopefully Practice will COMPLIMENT Instinct

I practiced with the Schnauzers and my training liner yesterday. They LOVE it. Well, Ike likes anything that involves, me, training, treats, and no other people. And Carmen - she's a workaholic! I even worked Evil-Joey!! ; D

Carmen and I are heading out to Gardner this weekend for an Earthdog training. Since we have the liner to practice with and I know she is a nutter for small animals - I am tentatively excited. I HOPE she likes it. I HOPE she'll go in the *real* liner (that is "L" shaped and slightly smaller - my next project). Hope, hope, hope!! I am using "go git 'em" as my cue.

Ike now has the Buggie G/I issue. Depending on how the day goes, Carmie might be going to class tonight....


Holly said...

Poor Ike! I hope the boys feel better quickly. Please forgive me, but who is Evil Joey?

Good luck this weekend.

Jules said...

Thanks, Holly. Evil-Joey is the in-law's inherited Yorkie (who is a little b@st@rd)! he has bitten me more times than i can count.

Bug is on the mend and we are checking out Kerry's class tonight.