Sunday, July 13, 2008

Touch and Ike LOVES C.H.

Today was week 5 in Bug's Communications class. We started teaching a nose touch to a target plate and a hand touch. Both of these skills come in handy in teaching a "Go." As in, go and take obstacles directly in your path until I tell you otherwise. This would be unlike my nearly destroyed "Go" that I abuse and use as a filler word and not an actual command.

ANYWAY! Bug picked up on the nose touch quite quickly, but he is a lazy Corgi! He kept laying down and doing nose touches. Katrin suggested moving the plate after each nose touch. Ta-da. Although, if I did not move the plate quick enough he would lay down again!

Katrin put down a couple of jump bars and the goal was for Bug to cross the jump bar and touch his plate and return. First we had to get over his reservations about the jump bar! Luring with the mama holding lots of cheese did not work - he just kept walking around the bars, even when there were three laid out. Katrin started tossing cheese - Ta-da. One Corgi over a jump bar.

Nose touch was very easy for Mister Bug. Why was it so hard for Ike? Weird! I think this was Bug's best Communications class yet. He worked very hard!

What can I say about Competition Heeling other than Ike adores it. Today we worked on our footwork with our dog. Katrin finally had to draw me a path in the dirt to practice on - I kept accidentally doing about-turns. Oye! I picked up another trick to help Ike not kick his little tush out since he sits quite crooked. If you are using food, hold your treat in your hand so the treat and palm of your hand are facing the side of your leg. You'll have to play with it to figure out exactly where it needs to be for your dog but it helped Ike out immensely.

He is doing so well and he is really enjoying himself. Katrin even saw him prancing with a grin on his face. How can you beat that? Li had a really good point - I was commenting on how much Ike likes this class. She said, well, "he's never more than 3' from you." Hmmm....very true. I can't believe it is already week #5. I am definitely going to have to scope out the drop-in Rally classes at Masterpeace.


Katrin said...

LOTS of prancing dogs in C.H. class today! See, who says obedience is boring?! It's all about ATTITUDE!! Happy, confident handers make for happy, confident dogs :-) (ok that's not a rule, just a generalization)

ann & partner said...

Good boy Ike!!!

Jules said...

Yes, I am sad it is week 5 already!

Blue said...

Ike was doing great in CH on Sun. And good job Bug! Jump bars are hard when you have little legs. :-)

wishy the writer said...

pass it on..