Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bug Update

The Bug was subjected to....this....this weekend!!

No new champion to report. Alack!

The Bug was excellent - according to Holly (breeder) and Katrin. Saturday I was a NERVOUS wreck (even though I was just watching - Holly was handling Buggie). I had no idea how he would be, if the wart or his crazy butt hair was going to be held against us, etc. Bug won his class and went Reserve in Winners.

Sunday I was MUCH, MUCH more relaxed and Bug was "on." He won his class and went Reserve in the Winners class again. Ah well. I told Katrin, the dog gods obviously want me to spend more time learning about handling. Bug seems to enjoy the dog show atmosphere and since we will be spending some more time in it, I am going to make the most of it!

I haven't had time to post about Bug's and Carmen's classes on Thursday. Bug is taking the 5 Directions and Carmie is taking the Jumping class. They went well - I will try to squeak in an actual post this week before class.


Cat, Tessie, & Strata said...

Haha, we do the damp towel trick on the Shelties too. It keeps bum fuzz in check and keeps chalk from the ruff off of the saddle.

Do you have any plans for upcoming AKC shows? I don't think I am doing anything in September at this point for AKC -- just two UKC shows. (coughyoushouldcomecough)

ann-and-partner said...

He looks very handsome. He should get a special trophy just for standing on the sink wrapped in a wet towel! hehe

Dawn said...

That first time in the ring can be a little nervous, but it sounds like you did very well. 2 reserves your first weekend out is not a bad result. Congratulations for jumping in with both feet and I really hope you liked it SOO much you will come to the National in 2009!

Jules said...

Dawn, the sad thing is I was just *watching* and I was that nervous! I hope the first time is the worst in terms of nerves.

Cat, Holly and I are trying to figure out where next and I am def. going to check out UKC - to keep Buggie working and having a good time and to calm me down! ;-P

Ann, We had to stick him up on the counter because he kept taking the towel off in a matter of seconds! I was joking I was going to have to make him a robe! (or buy one.)