Thursday, August 21, 2008

Chiro, No Handling, Quiet

It has been very quiet with Ike having this session off. Too quiet! Just kidding. I think we both appreciate it (do we?).

Yesterday I took the boys for a chiro appointment. I was afraid of what Anne would tell me....

Bug had a large canine viral papilloma removed on Monday. CVP is very common and contagious in dogs under 2 years of age – or those with compromised immune systems. You see it often in young dogs who frequent doggie daycares; most dogs over two years old have an immune system that has developed enough to fight the virus. The CVP typically appear during times of stress (moving to a new home fits the bill) and resolve themselves after a few months. Typically vets do not recommend removing them because they are “self-limiting” (i.e. once the body figures out how to fight them they go away), unless they are in a location that somehow inhibits the dog’s eating, etc. One of Bug’s CVPs had grown to be between the size of a pea and a raspberry. Not very appetizing. :D And I noticed he wasn’t going after tendons like usual – so I think it was bothering him a wee bit. (The smaller CVP resolved itself. Hooray)

Due to the sedation I was sure Bug’s pelvis was out. That and the fact that I had noticed he has been taking the stairs differently, so something was definitely out of alignment.

Anne said he needed a more major tune-up than expected but that they must have been super careful with him – his pelvis was still in place. Yes! The boys have a tune-up in a month and then they should be good for a while.

This works out well for our handling class escapades!

Carmen and I have our first trial in a while this weekend. We are heading up to Littleton for Gemini Dogs CPE Trial on Saturday. I am looking forward to it. Last year the weather was brutally hot for this trial and there is no shade at the site – this year, weather forecast holding, it should be pretty nice (and I have my shade tent).

I have entered Carmen in one Regular class at both September NADAC trials, but haven’t been practicing our weaves!! Bad handler – so I might scratch her from them. Depends upon whether I find some motivation this remainder of the month/beginning of September. I know if I devote 10 minutes a day we’ll get there, but lately even with Ike on vacation, I have been scrunched for time. I guess we’ll see how motivated I am to get her started on the way to….additional venues?

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