Friday, August 1, 2008

Final 5 Directions for Carmie

Last night we had our final 5 Directions class. Before class we went to Katrin’s to clip Buggie's and Monty’s nails. Monty was STELLAR!! Bug was a big-whiny-corgi-worm-baby about his nails, but after I was able to get him happy about being on the table and he didn’t try to fly off, so I will take it! Carmen got to run around with all the boys and was VERY good! And she still had energy for class. Hooray!

In class we practiced the Switch and Tight layout Katrin had us work a few weeks ago, but with Jumps! Hooray. Very fun. I felt like Carmen was moving pretty well. Katrin had some good points (of course) about me continuing my movement and not bending over so much. Carmie doesn’t really *get* it (Switch/Tight) yet – she is getting closer though. PRACTICE IS NEEDED!!

Then we practiced the “Go” exercise from last week with the table, two jumps, and curved tunnel. First I tried to send Carmen into the tunnel from where I would send Ike. Uh, nope. I had to support her much more. However she really picks up speed on the jumps out of the tunnel and when I sent her to the table she practically crashes into it. And I was able to hang way back sending her to the table. Alas, I still have not really worked on Carmen’s default table behavior. I had been asking her for a sit because her down isn’t solid, but last night I kept forgetting she isn’t Ike and asking her for a down (his wanna-be-default table behavior). Regardless I am happy she likes the table so much. When we went down to that end of the barn to start the exercise she immediately hopped on up.

She seems to have nice jumping form and more strength then when she first started class. I think she could jump 12” safely. Our next class is the Jumps class – I might talk to Katrin about whether I should wait until she has a better idea of her job or if it is an okay time to move her up to 12”.

We also got to meet Sandy’s new AS puppy Tedy. Oh my good dog gods, what a cutie. And Sadie was so good about tolerating all the attention he gets. I can’t wait to watch him grow up. I better not let John see him or he will puppy-nap him. He has a thing for Aussies!

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Blue said...

I dunno, maybe dog #3 should be an Aussie! :-) Carmen did great on Thurs.