Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Huh, interesting...

Today Ike did not want to go to the in-law's. At all....very worrisome for someone like me. There have been little stress sniffing signs that everything is not cool for the past few months. I will tell you my theory. I think Ike wants to stay home like Bug does and get a Kong when I leave. Ike loves Kongs. He watches me make Bug's Kong every day. It doesn't matter that I don't mix up the recipe (just PB and liver biscotti). Ike also likes Bug's crate, where Bug spends the day eating his Kong and not being bothered by the Onion or Evil-Joey. Hmmmm....

I actually have a call with an animal communicator about the strange behavior tomorrow. I may be slow on the uptake at times, but when the signs become painfully obvious I attempt to take near-immediate action.

Due to my concern about Ike's mental and emotional health, and a desire to get Carmie's weaves up to par, I skipped handling tonight and practiced agility! I have had a crappy week so far (funeral yesterday along one deer scat rolling dog and one bog hopping dog - yum. No one got baths either, shhhh!)....I needed to play with my dogs.

So, I broke out a brand-new screamin' monkey (the oldest one died) and practiced a very simple jump, weave, jump combo. Ike had a blast. He was bouncing his poles and super happy. Then I practiced with the Onion. I left two gates on the poles (entries cause I am a wuss). She was ROCKING them. This from a dog who hasn't seen weaves in more than six weeks. How on the gods green earth does her brain work?

I also practiced sending her to jumps from a 5'+ distance. She did really well! I keep saying, "I know it only takes 10 minutes a day to get those darn weaves." Now maybe I will practice what I have been preaching. Especially if it makes Ikey P happy. Everyone is inconsolable when another dog is running. Very funny.

I must make some cavalettis for the Bug. I think that would be very helpful segue into jumping. Especially now that he has discovered working is fun!

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