Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chute Progress

Last night Katrin set up a very nice course for Carmen's class, Putting It Together (or something like that). But first let me tell you the saga of a screaming schnauzer wigging out a poor unsuspecting Vizla!

Last week Carmen screamed the entire hour before her class. So, I decided I would bring the wire crate into the barn and crate her during Bug's class. I think she is jealous of me attention to anyone OTHER than her - she screamed in the barn, too! And poor Tessa, Bug's classmate, got all weirded out by it. Oye! Back to the car, little missy.

I left the crate up and later, while we were walking the course in her class, I left her in it. This worked out super since she can be a little brat at times. Last night's class focused on "Go's" and Carmen is actually starting to grasp the concept (as am I) - she moved comfortably ahead of me. Not by much, but it is progress none-the-less. I am thinking of breaking out the Manners Minder to reward Go's at home. Of course I need to find the time, but it is a good idea.

Additionally, the teeter was out and the chute. Big progress with the chute. Carmen actually went through it by herself. At this point she "commando-crawls" through. We'll have to continue working on this. She is weirded out by having a sheet thrown over her, for dog-god's sake!

She also continues to crash into the table. Bizarre. Katrin wonders about her eyes. I hope they are okay since she certainly has the joy of agility in her!

Things to work on this week:
  • Go's
  • Make the bed with the puppy in it (sheet and heavy rewarding = oh, I can push through fabric?)
  • DOWN!!!!

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