Monday, September 29, 2008

Decoys aka "Call offs"

I noticed the judge at the trial this weekend incorporated a lot of call offs in his courses. Or decoys as I referred to them! "Call offs" being when it appears to you or your dog you are "supposed" to go one way and take whatever equipment is over there, when in reality that is part of the challenge - you aren't supposed to take equipment x - you are supposed to take equipment y!


Dawn said...

Yes, It seems like the courses lately are having more "discretion opportunities" than I remember from earlier this year. Sounds like you did OK with them though, which is good.

Katrin said...

also called an "off course"

You have the wrong breed for 'decoys'!!! LOL

Sarah said...

i prefer to call them handling opportunities, until of course i handle it wrong, then i swear (in my head - so the judge can't hear me)