Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oh Ikey

I posted a few weeks ago about Ike refusing to go to my in-laws. I did speak with two different animal communicators, to confirm what I already knew. Ike doesn't want to go there. As my husband said - "It is not so much that he REALLY wants to stay home, he just REALLY doesn't want to go to Washington Street." I suspect it might have to do with the citronella collar my in-laws bought for Carmen. Laugh all you want but I swear to the dog gods that Ike is an empath - he is SO incredibly sensitive to emotional discomfort/discord.

The second communicator I spoke with also does Reiki and she felt Ike might be dealing with a Lyme flare-up. Considering one of the main symptoms Ike displays with his Lyme is moodiness, I thought it was a definite possibility.

I have noticed some other distressing signs - we do hand touches in the air and the last few times I asked him to do "nosey" he was unable to stand up on his rear. Eeek! I wasn't sure if this was due to decreased activity, Lyme, his pelvis being out, or all three things.

Ike's eyes have been very glassy for the past couple of months. His allergies have been particularly bad this year.

We had an appointment with Anne yesterday. When Ike went to jump in the crate, he jumped with complete confidence, but his rear legs completely missed the crate! He was able to pull them in, but this is VERY strange.

Anne confirmed that his pelvis was out of alignment (again!) and he is experiencing a bad Lyme flare-up (again!).

Ugh. Not sure what to do about his Lyme long term. He appears to have somewhat of a chronic situation. I am attending a seminar in November on Alternatives to Treating Lyme hosted by the New England Terrier Club. Hopefully that will give me some more leads. In the mean-time Ike is getting Lym-D (nosode), Standard Process' Canine Immune Support Supplement, Solid Gold Life Exxtension, salmon oil, and kelp added to his food. He is FINALLY off the thyroid supplement and also the milk thistle, yippee.

I am going to find out how long I need to wait after the nosode to do a C6 - I think I'd like a baseline in case he continues to have flare-ups. At a certain point I am certainly willing to think about doxy.

And, I have to get the boy in a Rally class. He says he is being neglected!! He says, dogs that don't do agility are NOT second class citizens in the doggie world, dog-gods dammit.


Blue said...

Poor Ikey. I bet you're right that he's picking up on Carmen's stress from wearing the citronella collar.

I hope you can get his Lyme under control.

Jules said...

Thanks, Blue. once he is on the nosode he seems so much better, but within a motnh of being off it he slides back. very odd. I hope the seminar offers some insight. if not it might be time to do something more traditional.